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Šifra artikla: D22028

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Advertising metal retro-modern retro lighter. Available in black and silver colors with mat finish and slightly rough surface. That's why it is great in the hand and gives a premium feel and is different from other plastic competition. The Turbo Jet Flame gives precision to burn and flame stability and to the strongest wind. Perfect for lighting or touching cigarettes. It is suitable for application of your logo, your inlay or promo message via sitemap, print pad, or UV full color. Each individual lighter is delivered in an elegant gray cardboard box. The lighter meets all EU safety and quality standards, is manufactured in the safety standard ISO 9994 and has a Child-resistant DIN EN 13869 certificate (child up to 6 years can not activate the ignition). Housing: metal Dimensions: 61×34×13 mm Weight: 50 g Printable space: 40×21 mm Tank type: refillable Flame type: Turbo Jet Product colors: black, silver Product extras: silver cardboard box Personalization options: silk screen print, pad print, digital full color print, laser engraving
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